Why Most Venues Lose Money
From Christmas Parties
How To Generate
Record-Breaking Profits

Gurmej Singh Pawar

My Story and Why You Need This Book

Always tell myself there is no such thing as “normal.” In fact, I recently gave a talk speaking about the fact that there is no normal. Many businesses get into the habit of doing things in a “normal way”; looking at what others are doing and then, quite frankly, copying them. They think if someone has had success in a particular area, if they follow the same model, it should work! The issue with this is that everyone else also has the same idea – and we get a whole bunch of normal businesses doing things in a normal way; and customers find it very difficult to distinguish between them. I’ve been working in the events industry for close to 15 years, and although it’s perceived to be exciting and fast-moving, in many ways this is far from the truth.