Covid-19 – Opportunity In Isolation – Homeschooling with Rodrigo and Andrea Fernandez

If you are like me then you will have been tearing your hair out trying to manage the question of how to work from home whilst homeschooling your children! We've tried setting a timetable, creating a great environment for learning, looked online for resources and used up all of the of the tips that [...]

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Why being boring is the new cool

So I’m officially becoming boring. I embrace JOMO (The Joy Of Missing Out) as opposed to FOMO (The Fear Of Missing Out). Perhaps it is an age thing: as I’ve gotten older and, supposedly, wiser I’ve become more accustomed to the routine. More importantly, I started enjoying the monotony of [...]

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Why it pays to be negative (and what is an even more effective alternative)

Contrary to what a lot of self-help books and motivational seminars will tell you, it really does pay to be negative! If you look throughout history, some of the most controversial and influential leaders have come to power off the back of campaigns of negativity and fear. Photo courtesy of [...]

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