If you are like me then you will have been tearing your hair out trying to manage the question of how to work from home whilst homeschooling your children!

We’ve tried setting a timetable, creating a great environment for learning, looked online for resources and used up all of the of the tips that the teachers provided us with.

I had come to the conclusion that there is no right answer on how to homeschool a 4 year old whilst a 2 year old is hanging around. Especially when trying to run a business at the same time.

However I remembered that one of the marketing freelancers that I have been working with for the past few months mentioned that he and his wife took the decision to homeschool their children around a year ago.

Ordinarily this is not something that a lot of people including me would think about.

But we aren’t currently living in normal times and many of us around the world now have no choice but to homeschool our kids whilst working or running businesses.

I thought it would be very useful and insightful to learn more about homeschooling and get some advice from people who actually took the proactive decision to do it.

Rodrigo and Andrea Fernandez met in Miami in 2001. Rodrigo is a growth marketing professional and Andrea is a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) nurse.

They have three children ages 6, 4, and 2 and a fourth on the way.

Unhappy with the school system and in an effort to provide a more customised education to their children, about 1 year ago Rodrigo and Andrea decided to home school their kids.

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This was a decision that took a lot of time and research. In this Covid-19 Opportunity in Isolation Podcast I find out about their homeschooling story and we discuss:

  • What homeschooling is
  • What factors influenced their decision
  • Their daily routines
  • As well as offering advice for all of the parents out there including me who now desperately need help in this area.

Even if you don’t have children I think listening to their answers and taking time to understand their view of the world and modern education system is very insightful and interesting.

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I hope that you find it useful. I would love to hear your feedback.