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Award Winning

We are an award winning events company serving tens of thousands of customers a year hosting events & experiences in over 60 countries

Technology & Innovation

We are constantly innovating and creating cutting edge technology to help our customers organise their events in the most efficient and cost effective manner

It’s All About The Customer Experience

The customer should be in control of every element of their event whilst using our expertise to offer support and advice when required. We believe strongly in a world where you should be able to organise “Events & Experiences at Your Fingertips”

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Meji Media organise our own events as well as client events, so we know what it means to use your money effectively and maximise returns on event  investment

Our Brands

Moonlight & Mistletoe

Banter Experiences


Moonlight & Mistletoe

Banter Experiences


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Let’s create amazing events that inspire business growth.

Contact us

Let’s create amazing events that inspire business growth.

Latest posts

Why being boring is the new cool

So I’m officially becoming boring. I embrace JOMO (The Joy Of Missing Out) as opposed to FOMO (The Fear Of Missing Out). Perhaps it is an age thing: as I’ve gotten older and, supposedly, wiser I’ve become more accustomed to the routine. More importantly, I started enjoying the monotony of routine. Going to bed at the same time, waking up and doing the same thing 90 per cent of the time. A pint of water, hot drink, small breakfast and some form of exercise, time with my kids, followed by getting into my working day and focusing on not bouncing [...]

Why doing business with big businesses is not always good business for you

It’s the dream, you start your own business, get a few small clients and then you are all set for the big leagues. That big contract that is going to take you to the next level, transform your business and your life. Soon you will be driving the car you always wanted and sipping champagne on the French Riviera without a worry in the world. Before you get carried away, I want to pull you back a little. I was one of those people who always thought the pinnacle would be the contracts with the multinationals. A few years ago, [...]

Why it pays to be negative (and what is an even more effective alternative)

Contrary to what a lot of self-help books and motivational seminars will tell you, it really does pay to be negative! If you look throughout history, some of the most controversial and influential leaders have come to power off the back of campaigns of negativity and fear. Photo courtesy of robinsoncaruso on Flickr. Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump, President Duterte in the Philippines and yes, our favourite buzzword, "Brexit" Leave Campaign was won on the politics of fear. (That’s not to say the Remain campaign didn’t run their own campaign of fear mongering.) Politicians with half a brain cell realise that [...]

19 valuable lessons learned in 19 years since I left school

I was recently asked to deliver a motivational talk to a group of year 12s (16 and 17-year-olds). Quite frankly, I was reluctant to try motivating them because I didn’t know them and wasn’t sure what made them tick. While racking my brains about what would be useful to these teenagers, it dawned on me that it had actually been 19 years since I had left school. I was pretty much twice the age of the audience! A lot has happened since I left school, and I have experienced and learned much, mainly from my mistakes and failings. In the [...]


Covid-19 – Opportunity In Isolation – Homeschooling with Rodrigo and Andrea Fernandez

If you are like me then you will have been tearing your hair out trying to manage the question of how to work from home whilst homeschooling your children! We've tried setting a timetable, creating a great environment for learning, looked online for resources and used up all of the of the tips that the teachers provided us with. I had come to the conclusion that there is no right answer on how to homeschool a 4 year old whilst a 2 year old is hanging around. Especially when trying to run a business at the same time. However I remembered that one of the marketing [...]

Covid-19 Positivity and Opportunity – Episode 1 with Svetlin Todd

We are facing unprecedented times. I run an events business and as you can imagine business is pretty much zero and that is the reality that many of us currently face. But in times of uncertainty I am a believer in optimism and opportunity. This is a time to look out for each other and share ideas/experiences more than ever. And we are blessed that we live in a time where we are able to do that in isolation from our homes. So I've started this Podcast with a view to staying positive and sharing ideas and opportunities as well [...]